I lay on my bed, in a stolen moment.

The door ajar, to show a willingness that isn’t real.

The crisp sheets embrace me, softened by the feathers beneath and I sink into bliss.

I listen through the door.

Cats are being taken to the vets, the carriers are all wrong and a door is broken, the cats try to escape and voices are raised and loud.

They talk like a babbling brook, words and sentences tumbling over one another, drowning each other out and only a small segment reaches any comprehension.

To be heard above them I would have to shout.

I don’t.

I lay here and let them work it out, or not as the case maybe.

The purposes can remain crossed, the translation from Father to teen irretrievably lost.

I will lay here and listen and wonder at the loud and the muddle and the lives chosen.

The insanity of family life.

The pleasure of pausing


It’s been busy in our little world at home, things to practice and learn like French and Piano and  keeping Jake’s brain ticking over with his brainy box of books and workbooks.

He tested, self taught to the end of year three recently in school so needs more to keep him busy. which he loves and it’s fun but it can feel a lot of effort sometimes to keep on remembering to remind and encourage.

The excitement of our upcoming trip and Easter eggs looming.

Heath worries rumble on when non conclusive is sometimes the most worrying answer of all.

Amy is busy with her homework and all it takes to get a girl happy and sorted in the middle of her GCSE’s and in the middle of her teens.

It’s been nice today. We paused.

No practice, no remembering or reminding just a slow walk home full of gentle chatter for me and Jake and a sitting on the sofa with Lion King 2 following the Little Mermaid revival Amy and I enjoyed earlier.

It’s a day to pause and it feels so good to be here with them.



The days are ticked off one by one, written in smudgy chalk by little fingers and squealed in glee.

10 days till Disney!!!

Something stirs in me, part of it is reluctant and that part gets bigger as I get older.

I love my home and my bed and being wrapped up in it’s delicious quiet, it’s familiar.

But adventures still call and one is calling me now.

Clothes to gather, fun clothes. tee-shirts and shorts and silly not needed little jumpers, swimming costumes and floaty wraps, sun cream and sun glasses and cases to pack and repack, to fit it all in.

Things come in the post, Disney tickets holding such promise, and currency. 5 years since I held a dollar or handled some quarters. too long, they jingle in my hand and remind me of fun times,



cavernicolas noA batch of shiny quarters. Clean and crisp. Stock Photo - 6044618

Life has felt a little heavy recently and a switch off, chill out, frivolous, big, over blown fun as only the Americans know how, is just the ticket.


American flag etiquette

Buying oversized pool toys and oversized tubs of ice cream and looking up in the sky to see the signs and larger than life flags waving and the bold and brassy and oh so delicious.

Revisiting memories and making new ones, walking hand in hand or floating in the villas pool, getting my husband off the daily grind and into a much deserved break from it all and my heart lighting up when a child’s face does.

Yes I am, ready.

it’s good to be going back.

Lets go!mickey and friends


We are flying into Miami this time and staying overnight in a beach front hotel then driving up to Orlando and staying in a lovely lake side villa a tested 10 mins from Disney. We plan to go to Disney mainly but Amy of course wants to go to the Harry potter experience at Universal and we will also go to the Disney water parks.

We have planned villa breaks and shopping breaks and evening strolls in downtown Disney, Boardwalk or Epcot and lots of delicious meals.

Adventures in fake tanning


horrible fake tans 2 Good thing nobody will ever know your tan is fake (25 Photos)

I picked up my order from our local boots today.

A bottle of fake tan UTAN in medium California and a bottle of sparkly moisturizer for afterwards.

I have had some less than ideal self tanning experiences in the past though thankfully nothing as bad as these frankly I am amazed that lot left the house.

No one wants an orange face and brown palms so without further ado here are my fake tan tips:

Scrub at skin with a loofa type thing in the bath.

Use a pumice stone and have a go at your elbows and knees

moisturize your elbows and knees and ankles lavishly

Using something lighter do the rest of you.

let it soak in

use a tan applicator mitt

spread it all over only sweeping gently over hands and feet, elbows knees and any joins

buff it in and all over

When I say all over don’t forget your belly button, cause no one wants a white belly button, it might look really silly…

make use of a self tan slave if you have one available but be warned it was a struggle to keep Dan concentrating on the back bits I could not reach and not reapplying on the front!

don’t panic if it looks a little streaky in places mine did but when I washed the lotion off after 4 hours it was a little lighter and no streaks at all. ( I might well leave it on over night next time)

My skin felt softer and no self tan smell.

This is my first use of a premium self tan range but I cannot recommend it highly enough.

By happy coincidence my natural tanning shade is exactly the colour the UTAN California comes out as.

I love it and feel so much better in my shorts and summer tops.

Please note I did not try this product on my face preferring to stick to my tried and tested Johnsons holiday skin on my face and neck


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