A day of Christmas magic..

We were transported today to Lapland, via magical forest pathways only elves know..

Disbelief was swiftly suspended, and that was just the adults.

Imagine a theatrical production on the scale of acres where all the people that you meet are either player or audience, mostly enraptured child.

We arrived and checked in at a beautifully decorated big top type tent. all staff are elves.


“ oh Mum! I am so so so so excited!!!!!”


We were given our pre ordered jingles which is elf currency. though most shops accept cards too.

We were put into the reindeer team and when it was out time to venture into Lapland we lined up and were educated in how elves say hello… like this… the correct finger wriggling is essential.



We walked through some tree archways into another big top, on entering an amazingly in character elf who must surely have some background in theatre gave each child an impressive elf passport, this had areas to collect stamps as you progressed through the day.


laid out as a forest glade with wooden benches and here we met two elves and a magical introduction where we were established as big and little folk and eko elf asked as all to take care of the animals and plants of the world then it was time to work out how to open the big wooden door, this took a song and thinking a happy Christmas thought.


eventually it opened and we saw framed a winter wonderland. venturing outside we made our way to Lapland following the paths that only elves know.


We turned up at the toy making cabin and this was decked out wonderfully with a workstation for each child where they made a puppet and a bear.


“Santa they have done a wonderful job.. you need more bears?! ok will we make some”




The bear needed a big hug so it could know how to love.

I saw glimpses of a little girl I once knew today.


Mother Christmas invited us in to decorate gingerbread men and listen to a story. again this room was decorated beautifully and each child had a place laid out for them.


We learnt how elves earn their hat bell and one was awarded to a deserving elf.

After these experiences we found ourselves out heading towards the village square with a choice to go left for ice skating or right for the rest of the facilities.

We met a huskie puppy


We had lunch, which was expensive but delicious and top quality we all had a sausage in a roll with the most amazing chips (fries) and possibly the best orange chocolate moose I have ever tasted.

With drinks this came to 50 elf jingles which is £50 to you and me.

The place was crowded and the tables were full, our entry time put us with people having lunch at the start of their village square slot and those deciding to finish with lunch too.

We queued in a leap of faith way and a table soon freed up. I sent Amy and Jake to guard it.

Another family joined us as there was room for 2 families at each table and it wasn’t at all awkward.

Jake really wanted to ice skate so against my better judgement i tried to do that with him. Now I used to be good at roller skating and reasonable at ice skating ( going backwards and turning sort of reasonable) but my centre of gravity might have shifted in a few directions since then and today it had been raining and it was like trying to step out onto an icy puddle. pretty lethal. Jake and I abandoned after a short while happy to have our limbs intact.



We were starting to run out of time before our gathering point for our Santa visit.

So popped into the post office and got a pre stamped Santa letter to write at home then headed onto spend the jingles burning a hole in our pockets.

Jake bought a sweet wriggling Santa pen and a lucky reindeer shoe. Amy went for the pen too and a Santa key, tucking away our treasures  and equally treasured change jingles, it was time to meet Santa.



We were led to a big tepee full of families waiting for their turn to see Santa, then our name went up on the board and we went to a ante room.. this is when the magic happened. An elf called our name and led us down forest trails till we were alone, just us as a family.

We walked up to a small log cabin. Santa’s cabin in the wood!


Jake getting just a tiny bit silly with the excitement of it all.


We met Santa today! we had a lovely warm welcome and a chat about all the usual things. Amy asked for a pony but Santa explained how difficult it would be to get a pony down the chimney. The gifts were adorable, including a book ( pre bought) and a bauble for us a memento of our day (only for premium tickets)

After our visit there was still no sign of anyone else around and our elf showed us the way out and wished us Merry Christmas.

We then made our own way out via the reindeers and Santa’s sleigh, the elf on watch reminded us it was just 9 sleeps till Christmas!


Here is that little girl again.

Amy “It was so cool!”


Our bauble at home on the tree.

What a wonderful day.

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