The worst mother in law tacky gift competition.

My mother in law is a shocking shop-o-holic.

To see her in action in a retail outlet is a sight to behold.

She dashes round in moments grabbing this and that hurrying to the till for that seems to give her the buzz.

I witnessed it once just in a small gift shop randomly off a theme park in Florida. in that small shop she managed to spend $100. I find it so conflicting with my own consumerism as to be almost repulsive.

Imagine my delight then as a newlywed to discover where the majority of this shocking excess ends up.. wrapped up for us to open on Christmas day!

Roll on 20 years and here we are, awaiting our fate once more, on the eve of Christmas.

Trying not to tot up the £100’S of pounds or how they could have been better put to use, also determined not to let our home become a museum to her addiction.

So all gifts are stopped at the door and enter an assessment process.


A prime examples.. a wax dipped bear air freshener. ( a murdered teddy bear) a seven dwarf toast rack and a cat memorial, years before any cat died.

1. Who knows what it is or what she was thinking.. ( this is a title of honour for gifts beyond comprehension, they are so bad some sort of celebration of their badness has to be held)

2. Re gift, for a child’s birthday, perhaps, a sweet item, if we didn’t have 100 already.

3. Bin/donate this item is a total waste of space in our opinion but might be a treasure to someone else.

4. Oh please let it be from a shop we know so we can return it!

So it’s that time of year again..  and it looks set to be the biggest and worst mother in law gift nonsense in the history of time for they have asked for zero I repeat zero gift hint this year

“ having got it all in Florida on our last trip”

Your challenge is to have a guess what the very worst Who knows will be this Christmas.

Whoever guesses an item that turns up can pick what they think is worst.

Then you can vote how we must show our appreciation of the glorious item.

1. Smash it with a hammer

2. Drop it out of a high window.

3. Turn it into something worthwhile

4. Display it with pride in your choice of room

5. Gift it back to mother in law for her Birthday ( we loved it so much we got you one!)

6. I love it! send it to me!

But for now it’s time to vote what the worst offering of Christmas might be.


if you feel you can offer a loving home to any of the sad lost gifts we will feature this Christmas please contact me and I will gladly send them unless the postage cost is silly.

Please note only one or two gifts will be hurt, re-gifted or possibly transformed in the running of this competition.

20 years of tacky gifts is hard to imagine I know, if you received that many you would have to find humour in it too, try not to judge.

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